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UConn’s Annual Spring Horse Auction and Tag Sale by Macy Corica

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Matt Gantos – Grinning Dog at UCONNAPALOOZA

Grinning Dog performing at the University of Connecticut for UCONNAPALOOZA, a Undergraduate Student Government run event on April 20, 2013

-Matt Gantos


Why come to UConn?

Why UConn: an athletes take (Bria Hartley, Kelly Faris, Omar Calhoun, Marissa Prinzbach, Alicia Angelini, Connor David, and Dana Hughes) A multimedia project for JOUR 2001 at UConn.

by Joe Crisalli


Oozeball by Christopher Brennan

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For the past 30 years, hundreds of students have participated in Oozeball, one of the best traditions UConn has to offer in the spring. Oozeball is a gigantic mud volleyball tournament that the Student Alumni Association puts together each year … Continue reading


Husky Logo

The University of Connecticut has recently changed their school logo, so I wanted to get the reaction of people who are affiliated with UConn to see how they felt about the change.

Jared Epstein

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The Boston Marathon Explosions: How it Effected UConn Students

The interviews in this video take a look at how the recent explosions at the Boston Marathon effected UConn students. Even though Storrs is about an hour and a half drive from Boston, many UConn students were effected by the explosions because they traveled to Boston that day to either run the marathon or cheer on runners, or they have families that live in the Boston area.

Rachel Dobin
JOURN 2001W section 3

UConn Longs to Longboard

UConn Longs to Longboard